I am a printmaker my work is about the environment in which I live, finding solitude within the landscape, and this is living on a boat on the Taw estuary in North Devon. I am interested in the ephemeral quality of the estuary. The changing tide and weather, often immersed in fog and rain where colours fade and blur or form is illuminated in shimmering light. Some work verges towards abstraction, focusing on a single element, other prints are more representational of the landscape. The work represents how I look and experience the environment around me and how I remember it. The prints are carefully planned, and are made by either inking up a plate and removing ink by using paper masks, further ink is removed and the plate is hand printed onto Japanese paper. Sometimes I print another layer and colour when used is added by hand. Other monoprints are made using multiple plates, including lino, woodcut or card blocks these are printed directly or indirectly onto paper, layer upon layer, these prints often alter as they are made, concept and process are interlinked. I enjoy this flexibility and exploratory way of working which is akin to the estuary's changing state.

All work is unmounted and unframed. Please use the contact page to receive further information.